Monday, February 8, 2010

Slow times on the farm

It's winter. Nothing much to do on the farm...except cruise the internet for things we need want such beds. And new friends. Darn! The orange bunny already found a home.

And just when the heck is that Bunny Maker gonna list those new beds anyhow? Sooner or later, Miss Tracy is going to realize we have her credit card......

Sunday, January 10, 2010

We are brave too...sort of

After reading about their hero Widget and his brave adventure to the Butcher!!! Harriet, Treacle and Checker decided they too would embark upon a daring quest.

I was just getting ready to head to the grocery store when I head cries: "Wait!" "We want to come!" "Wait for us!"

Apparently, The Troublesome Trio decided that, unlike Widget, they weren't hoofing it all the way to the store. They wanted to hitch a ride to the store. Once in the van they started demanding I turn up the heat and the music. Sigh.

At the grocery store: "Eek! You can't imagine we are going to walk around the store? Look at the floor! It's wet and dirty! And the store is so big." So they popped in the front of the cart.

I got a bit distracted at the store--trying to remember lists, compare prices, stay out of the way of angry cart drivers--I forgot to mind what the Troublesome Trio was doing. However, when it was time to go they gamely jumped into my bag and then into the car. They were even fairly quiet on the way home.

Once I got the groceries unloaded and went to check on them I found out why. "Where did you get that candy bar? King size? It's bigger than you!" I asked. "Alright! Yes, you can keep it. Give me a bite then. And yes, I do think you're brave...or at least cheerful anyway."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

She's Back

I know you haven't heard from me in a while. The truth is that I've been afraid to admit the truth.

Harriet ran away. For over one month we could not find her. We didn't hear from her. We thought maybe she was lost forever....wandering the byways of America looking for trouble and scrumpy.

But two days ago we heard a knock on the door.

"Hello?" said the timid voice.

Could it be? Yes! It was Harriet back! Hurrah!

We all gathered around her asking where she had been, was she okay, did she need a snack. Turns out she didn't like all the farm work I had been making her do so she ran away to find MafiaVille where all the adventure is. That didn't work out so well because...gasp...people tried to rub her out. She was fine but she was really hungry and tired.

I promised I would help her find something she did like to do--other than just sleep and eat. She pouted a little--thinking that eating and sleeping was a fine life. But she decided there just might be a job out there that she could stomach.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Meeting

When we got to town there were two visitors waiting for us. More house guests? Did they have jobs? Would I go broke? What happened to my calm, predictable life before Treacle came...and Harriet...and now.... Sigh.

Treacle, sensing I was quickly nearing the end of my rope (I was already figuring out how much it would cost to ship her back to England), introduced me to Mr Tut, the real estate agent who sold her and Harriet their house. Then Harriet, who was jumping up and down this entire time (a rabbit thing?) said, "Huckleberry, come meet my cousin Chubby."

"Ahem, Harriet, I prefer to go by Checkers now. Hello, I'm Checkers DeFacts, an accountant from England. Our family used to call me Chubby when I was young," said the dapper rabbit sporting a bow tie.

Wow. What did all this mean?

"Are they staying with us too?" I asked in confusion.

"No, no, they're here for a business meeting. We have a few details to iron out and then we have a proposal for you," Treacle assured me.

"Run off to the museum right now while we talk business with these two," advised Harriet.

And so I did. I wonder what this is all about. What are Treacle and Harriet up to now?

Sunday, August 2, 2009


When I attempted to talk to Harriet and Treacle about getting gainful employment they told me they had "A Plan." Hmmmm....

Then I asked them where they got the house. It seems that some airhead doll lost her modeling gig and had to back out on this, her 14th home. They got it for a steal. After that scrumpy incident I do not like the word steal used in conjunction with Treacle but Harriet showed me the deed all nice and legal. One new home for $2.50. Okay, so where did you get the money?

Harriet told me to ask no questions, she'd tell me no lies and to get a move on it because we were taking the train to town. We are?

And we did.

Friday, July 31, 2009

How did they arrange that?

While I was busy digging new potatoes in Farmer T's fields....and dreaming of my own farm...

these two, Harriot and Treacle, were busy as well.

I have no idea how they pulled it off but they've bought themselves a house. Or a condo. And they put it up right in the middle of Miss Tracy's bedroom....where I sleep!

Now they're all a flutter with house decorating plans. Will I ever get them working towards a paycheck?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Look What Came in the Mail!

I was just returning from a long day on Farmer T's farm when I heard shrieks. And they sounded like they were coming from Treacle. I stopped for a minute to listen. Happy shrieks? Or unhappy shrieks? Happy! Maybe she got a job! I rushed the rest of the way home.

Boy was I surprised. Remember her friend Harriet? The one she keeps calling but can never reach? Well, I know why now. She's here. Here as in at our house. And she's staying.

I guess she and Treacle were fast friends in England--at least they drove fast cars together. When she learned Treacle came to the States Harriet decided there was nothing to be done but to leave her home at The Warren (home to the world famous Widget) and hop a plane.

Harriet seems really nice. She has more than a passing understanding of plants, particularly flowers. Hopefully, she will have a good influence on Treacle who continues to laze away the days, doing nothing to find a job.

Harriet says to tell everyone back home that she's happy, it's warm and sunny here and that she has some big plans. Treacle says to tell everyone back home that she has not stolen any more scrumpy and could someone send her some treacle tarts as they aren't readily available here.