Friday, July 31, 2009

How did they arrange that?

While I was busy digging new potatoes in Farmer T's fields....and dreaming of my own farm...

these two, Harriot and Treacle, were busy as well.

I have no idea how they pulled it off but they've bought themselves a house. Or a condo. And they put it up right in the middle of Miss Tracy's bedroom....where I sleep!

Now they're all a flutter with house decorating plans. Will I ever get them working towards a paycheck?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Look What Came in the Mail!

I was just returning from a long day on Farmer T's farm when I heard shrieks. And they sounded like they were coming from Treacle. I stopped for a minute to listen. Happy shrieks? Or unhappy shrieks? Happy! Maybe she got a job! I rushed the rest of the way home.

Boy was I surprised. Remember her friend Harriet? The one she keeps calling but can never reach? Well, I know why now. She's here. Here as in at our house. And she's staying.

I guess she and Treacle were fast friends in England--at least they drove fast cars together. When she learned Treacle came to the States Harriet decided there was nothing to be done but to leave her home at The Warren (home to the world famous Widget) and hop a plane.

Harriet seems really nice. She has more than a passing understanding of plants, particularly flowers. Hopefully, she will have a good influence on Treacle who continues to laze away the days, doing nothing to find a job.

Harriet says to tell everyone back home that she's happy, it's warm and sunny here and that she has some big plans. Treacle says to tell everyone back home that she has not stolen any more scrumpy and could someone send her some treacle tarts as they aren't readily available here.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Treacle's Dilemma

Life has not been perfect here at the farm. Treacle awoke from her nap...if sleeping for two days can be called a nap. So far so good. We had a large breakfast. Boy can that little dog pack it away. Then, Treacle made several phone calls to her best friend, a bunny named Harriet. Alas, Harriet has been away and no one at The Warren could say when she would be back. Treacle was pretty bummed.

I figured the solution was work. It always makes me feel better to be tending the plants, plowing the land, racing the tractor. Ahhhh...the life of a farmer. Treacle didn't appear nearly so enthusiastic.

The apple farms weren't accepting applications this week so we tried the Strawberry Patch. Voila! Perfect! Close to home. Lovely work. Pretty flowers. Two 15 minute breaks and a half hour for lunch. Perfect!

Or not so perfect. Treacle worked for part of the morning and then she ran away. I finally sniffed her out in a pot of flowers.

It seems that Treacle isn't much into farming. I have a sinking feeling she might not be into work at all but the court order says she must find a job and I can't afford to pay her room and board. I have a farm to save for! We're going to have to think of something! Drat, she's on the phone again looking for that rabbit! The life of a farm dog isn't easy.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Treacle was very tired from pigging out traveling so she went to bed. I haven't seen anything of her for the past two days. I hope she wakes up soon so we can go out to the apple farm to get her a job.

In the rained! A lot. And stormed.

I felt a little sad watching it rain. I know the crops need the water. But storms make me feel small and alone.

I wish Treacle would wake up and sit on the couch with me. Guess I'll go see if anything good is showing on The Silo Channel.

Monday, July 20, 2009


Meet my cousin Treacle! She has come all the way from England to live with me.

Treacle used to live in Dorset with Hotdog Hanna and Me. No, not me Me but Hotdog and Me. It's complicated. Anyway, she used to live in England but then there was this completely misunderstanding with some missing scrumpy. Treacle says she didn't have a thing to do with it and I believe her. The judge told her she either had to be banished to the colonies or serve 67 days hard labour with the Labour Party. I thought a party sounded good but she said she's a Tory and it would never work. The British are confusing...

What I do know is that I'm happy she is here. She knows a lot about apples...I think. I figure if she got a job at the local apple orchard--there are bunches....uhm...bushels? around here, then she could help me save up for my farm.

But right now she says she needs to phone a friend of hers from England--a rabbit named Harriet--something about sowing some seeds and good ice cream.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Don't Fence Me In

I don't really own my own farm....yet. I hope to one day but right now I work as a farm hand on Farmer T's place.

This weekend found me putting up chicken wire to keep out the rabbits who had mistaken the garden for an all you can nibble buffet. I thought we needed rabbit wire but Farmer T said keeping chickens in was sort of like keeping rabbits out. Hmmmm.....

There's a lot to learn about farming.

In less confusing news, my cousin Treacle is coming all the way from England to live with me. She got into a spot of trouble over some scrumpy so she needed to relocate. It was either my place or the local jail. You're going to love her--she's a lot of fun!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Let's Get Planting

Oh boy, oh boy! My very first blog post! I'm Huckleberry, a sock dog. I want more than anything in the world to be a farmer.

I'm still learning though--like that chickens don't wear diapers and that making cows do jumping jacks won't make milk shakes.

I'm ready though! Here I come world! Come on along with me and let's get planting.