Sunday, January 10, 2010

We are brave too...sort of

After reading about their hero Widget and his brave adventure to the Butcher!!! Harriet, Treacle and Checker decided they too would embark upon a daring quest.

I was just getting ready to head to the grocery store when I head cries: "Wait!" "We want to come!" "Wait for us!"

Apparently, The Troublesome Trio decided that, unlike Widget, they weren't hoofing it all the way to the store. They wanted to hitch a ride to the store. Once in the van they started demanding I turn up the heat and the music. Sigh.

At the grocery store: "Eek! You can't imagine we are going to walk around the store? Look at the floor! It's wet and dirty! And the store is so big." So they popped in the front of the cart.

I got a bit distracted at the store--trying to remember lists, compare prices, stay out of the way of angry cart drivers--I forgot to mind what the Troublesome Trio was doing. However, when it was time to go they gamely jumped into my bag and then into the car. They were even fairly quiet on the way home.

Once I got the groceries unloaded and went to check on them I found out why. "Where did you get that candy bar? King size? It's bigger than you!" I asked. "Alright! Yes, you can keep it. Give me a bite then. And yes, I do think you're brave...or at least cheerful anyway."

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  1. Such cheeky things - almost as bad as having three kids in tow! Glad to see they are back at blogging now too.