Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Look What Came in the Mail!

I was just returning from a long day on Farmer T's farm when I heard shrieks. And they sounded like they were coming from Treacle. I stopped for a minute to listen. Happy shrieks? Or unhappy shrieks? Happy! Maybe she got a job! I rushed the rest of the way home.

Boy was I surprised. Remember her friend Harriet? The one she keeps calling but can never reach? Well, I know why now. She's here. Here as in at our house. And she's staying.

I guess she and Treacle were fast friends in England--at least they drove fast cars together. When she learned Treacle came to the States Harriet decided there was nothing to be done but to leave her home at The Warren (home to the world famous Widget) and hop a plane.

Harriet seems really nice. She has more than a passing understanding of plants, particularly flowers. Hopefully, she will have a good influence on Treacle who continues to laze away the days, doing nothing to find a job.

Harriet says to tell everyone back home that she's happy, it's warm and sunny here and that she has some big plans. Treacle says to tell everyone back home that she has not stolen any more scrumpy and could someone send her some treacle tarts as they aren't readily available here.


  1. i'm glad she arrived safely! Checker Bun is on her way to sort everyone out ...

  2. If Treacle likes to be on the phone so much, maybe she could get a job as a telemarketer?