Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Meeting

When we got to town there were two visitors waiting for us. More house guests? Did they have jobs? Would I go broke? What happened to my calm, predictable life before Treacle came...and Harriet...and now.... Sigh.

Treacle, sensing I was quickly nearing the end of my rope (I was already figuring out how much it would cost to ship her back to England), introduced me to Mr Tut, the real estate agent who sold her and Harriet their house. Then Harriet, who was jumping up and down this entire time (a rabbit thing?) said, "Huckleberry, come meet my cousin Chubby."

"Ahem, Harriet, I prefer to go by Checkers now. Hello, I'm Checkers DeFacts, an accountant from England. Our family used to call me Chubby when I was young," said the dapper rabbit sporting a bow tie.

Wow. What did all this mean?

"Are they staying with us too?" I asked in confusion.

"No, no, they're here for a business meeting. We have a few details to iron out and then we have a proposal for you," Treacle assured me.

"Run off to the museum right now while we talk business with these two," advised Harriet.

And so I did. I wonder what this is all about. What are Treacle and Harriet up to now?


  1. hmmm - seems like that new house is going to need an extension!