Sunday, August 2, 2009


When I attempted to talk to Harriet and Treacle about getting gainful employment they told me they had "A Plan." Hmmmm....

Then I asked them where they got the house. It seems that some airhead doll lost her modeling gig and had to back out on this, her 14th home. They got it for a steal. After that scrumpy incident I do not like the word steal used in conjunction with Treacle but Harriet showed me the deed all nice and legal. One new home for $2.50. Okay, so where did you get the money?

Harriet told me to ask no questions, she'd tell me no lies and to get a move on it because we were taking the train to town. We are?

And we did.


  1. "Trained" seems to have two meanings here - going for a ride on the train, and Treacle and Harriet "training" Huckleberry, though he doesn't seem to realize it yet. Looks like they all really enjoyed the train ride!

  2. hmmmm - the sooner Checker Bun arrives to keep an eye on things the better .....

  3. I am so sorry, I can't believe how naughty Treacle is being!! Hopefully Checker Bunny can sort her out.