Friday, July 24, 2009

Treacle's Dilemma

Life has not been perfect here at the farm. Treacle awoke from her nap...if sleeping for two days can be called a nap. So far so good. We had a large breakfast. Boy can that little dog pack it away. Then, Treacle made several phone calls to her best friend, a bunny named Harriet. Alas, Harriet has been away and no one at The Warren could say when she would be back. Treacle was pretty bummed.

I figured the solution was work. It always makes me feel better to be tending the plants, plowing the land, racing the tractor. Ahhhh...the life of a farmer. Treacle didn't appear nearly so enthusiastic.

The apple farms weren't accepting applications this week so we tried the Strawberry Patch. Voila! Perfect! Close to home. Lovely work. Pretty flowers. Two 15 minute breaks and a half hour for lunch. Perfect!

Or not so perfect. Treacle worked for part of the morning and then she ran away. I finally sniffed her out in a pot of flowers.

It seems that Treacle isn't much into farming. I have a sinking feeling she might not be into work at all but the court order says she must find a job and I can't afford to pay her room and board. I have a farm to save for! We're going to have to think of something! Drat, she's on the phone again looking for that rabbit! The life of a farm dog isn't easy.


  1. Ut oh..maybe if she isn't into farming, she's into cooking and could get a job at the local bakery? Though she seems so pretty that maybe she might enjoy working at a dress shop? I hope you get it figured out soon! Good luck!

  2. Harriet can't get to the phone right now - please leave a message ....peeeeeeeeeeeep.

    Harriet must be mid-atlantic by now - not long before Treacle can have a heart-to-heart - you need to tell her that it is rainy and cold back home and that Michigan is a much better bet in the long run. Once she taste proper maple syrup she'll never look back!