Monday, July 20, 2009


Meet my cousin Treacle! She has come all the way from England to live with me.

Treacle used to live in Dorset with Hotdog Hanna and Me. No, not me Me but Hotdog and Me. It's complicated. Anyway, she used to live in England but then there was this completely misunderstanding with some missing scrumpy. Treacle says she didn't have a thing to do with it and I believe her. The judge told her she either had to be banished to the colonies or serve 67 days hard labour with the Labour Party. I thought a party sounded good but she said she's a Tory and it would never work. The British are confusing...

What I do know is that I'm happy she is here. She knows a lot about apples...I think. I figure if she got a job at the local apple orchard--there are bunches....uhm...bushels? around here, then she could help me save up for my farm.

But right now she says she needs to phone a friend of hers from England--a rabbit named Harriet--something about sowing some seeds and good ice cream.

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  1. Harriet is already on her way! She doesn't know that Treacle is there... she will be sooo excited when you open her box so watch she doesn't leap out and hurt herself!